artex® facebow

Anatomically correct fixation of the cranial-axis relationship in just 2 minutes

Artex facebow, transfer jig and articulator form a single communication unit. Dentists determine the cranium-axis position of the maxilla using the Artex facebow. This anatomically important parameter is quickly and precisely fixed in position on the transfer jig. This secures it for transport from the practice to the laboratory where the models are mounted patient analogous in the Artex articulator.

  • Cranium/axis relation determined in corresponding to the patient‘s anatomy in just two minutes
  • Quick and secure the 3-D universal joint
  • Cranium-axis oriented transfer of maxillary model to the articulator transfers the real jaw position precisely to the articulator and consequently reduces grinding time at the chairside
  • Reliable reproducibility of arbitrary axis position using cushioned Leipzig Nasion