ceramill® d-wax

Milling of the wax base

The wax base for functional dentures fabricated using Ceramill FDS is milled in the wet mode with the Ceramill Motion 2 (5X). Special cutters with a longer shank also reach deeper basal cavities and guarantee clean milling of the tooth sockets according to previously defined functional aspects. As the full dentures are fabricated in setting-up wax, any adjustments are possible without problem

  • Wax base for dentures
  • Ceramill CAD/CAM uses a proven, full-denture quality setting-up wax
  • Enlarged blank shape covers virtually all types of full dentures
  • Gum-coloured blank for aesthetic check intraorally (Class 1 medical device)
  • Blank milling under water cooling prevents smearing and distortion, ensuring optimum fit of the denture and teeth in the tooth sockets
  • Density: at 20 °C: ca. 0.93 g/cm3
  • Oxide color: Pink
  • Water Solubility: insoluble
  • Soldification point: 84 °C
  • Viscosity at 120 °C: < 50 mPas
  • Flash point: > 140 °C
  • Hydrocarbon waxes
  • Natural waxes
  • Dyes