ceramill® wax

Milling wax

Ceramill Wax milling wax can be processed user-friendly and reproducibly. The easy handling properties of the material are impressive: no smearing or melting of the material or clogging of the cutter. This creates accurately fitting final results, which facilitate the subsequent casting and press procedures. Ceramill Wax burns out without residue during the preheating process.

Amann Girrbach supplies Ceramill Wax in two colours. Users can choose between white and grey.

  • Framework for casting and press techniques
  • Easy, reproducible CAD/CAM-controlled fabrication of wax patterns facilitate the casting and press techniques
  • No cutter wear or clogging of the cutter with wax
  • Burnout without residue ensures perfect casting results
  • Density: at 23°C: 0.92-0.96 g/cm3
  • Color: grey or cream
  • Water Solubility: insoluble
  • Dripping point: 100 – 120°C
  • Viscosity at 120°C: > 120 mPa
  • Flash point: > 220°C
  • 10 % – 80 % Polyethylene wax
  • 10 % – 70 % LD Polyethylene Homopol
  • 1 % – 20 % Esther of hydrogenated colophony constituents