Fine-structure ceramic for individualization of VITA SUPRINITY PC*

VITA VM 11 is a low-melting, fine-structure feldspar ceramic that is adapted specifically for the individualization of restorations made of zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate glass ceramic. The optimum correspondence of both CTE ranges guarantees a bond that is tension-free, and in turn also reliable.

In combination with lithium silicate-type material, you can begin layering directly without liner firing or washbake, thanks to the excellent surface wettability of the new glass ceramic.

The high translucency and warm shade reproduction of VITA VM 11 combined with the opalescent effect of lithium silicate-type material facilitate highly esthetic results with a vivid play of colors.

  • Natural shade and light effects thanks to the fine structure
  • Excellent bonding ensures reliable results
  • Easy handling for fast, highly-esthetic results
  • Outstanding firing properties with dimensional stability retained even after repeated firing
  • Excellent modeling characteristics for fast and accurate application of the ceramic
  • Efficient and cost-effective processing
  • Can be individualized using VITA AKZENT Plus and VITA INTERNO
  • Process reliability thanks to long-standing experience
  • Available in VITA SYSTEM 3D-Master and VITA classical A1 – D4 shades

* Can also be used for CELTRA® and CELTRA® CAD FC. CELTRA is a registered trademark of DeguDent GmbH.

Fine-structure ceramic for individualization of VITA SUPRINITY PC*.
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