ceramill artex®

Virtual artex cr – the functional interface between manual and digital prosthetic dentistry.

With manual production of dental prosthesis working with the articulator is standard for dental laboratories. In order to achieve the same quality of the works virtually, it is only logical and consistent to enable this by means of a CAD-CAM system.

The virtual articulator “Ceramill Artex” serves as a bridge between manual and digital techniques: The model pair in the Artex articulator is transfered to the Map 400+ scanner while holding the same Artex mode by means of the Ceramill Transferkit; it is subsequently scanned-in in the appropriate proportion. The movement options of the Artex® CR are thus synchronised digitally and manually. Interfering structures may already be removed thus reducing time-consuming grinding in the patient’s mouth to a minimum.

  • The virtual articulator offers the same functional scope as compared to the real Artex CR
  • The transfer of the models by means of the Ceramill Fixator ensures the precision at the functional interface between manual and digital techniques
  • The calculation of the fully anatomical construction is dynamic and static under consideration of the antagonists and the adjusted values of the articulator
  • Space for the veneering porcelain is automatically planned during the design – guarantees an optimum framework base for a veneer with high stability and uniform layer thickness