ceramill® d-flow

Ceramill Mind upgrade module for designing full dentures

Ceramill D-Flow is an upgrade module for the Ceramill Mind software and was specially developed for designing customised, precise full dentures. It is used after model fabrication and articulating using the manual procedure and replaces all working stages up to the wax try-in with a seamless digital workflow. The user is automatically guided step-by-step through the working procedure and benefits from a high degree of convenience, efficiency and process reliability.

  • Digital model analysis and the integrated setting up concepts of tooth manufacturers ensure perfect occlusion and function
  • Best-fit recommendation of the set of teeth with automatic set-up
  • Quick, easy customisation and positioning of the anterior teeth
  • Perform mandibular excursions in the virtual articulator for setting the required posterior tooth guidance
  • Basal adaptation of the denture teeth at the press of a button – time-consuming, manual reworking is no longer required

Model analysis in the Ceramill D-Flow software is based on the TIF system. The software guides the user through the individual process stages, in which the respective anatomical details are marked. Following this, the joint basic statics of the upper and lower jaw models are calculated in the form of a visual representation of all functionally relevant setting up and tolerance areas. The sets of denture teeth are then selected based on these results followed by automatic recommendation for the set-up.

The tooth set-ups of the upper and lower are stored in the software according to the contact point guidelines of the tooth manufacturer. The integrated setting up concepts thus guarantee an ideal tooth-to-tooth relationship and form the basis for interference-free function. To ensure an optimally functional and aesthetic outcome, the user receives a best-fit recommendation from the available sets of teeth, which were automatically determined from the values of the previous model analysis. Sources of error and gaps in knowledge when setting up are avoided in this way in favour of a quick, easy solution with accurately fitting results.

Excursions of the mandible can be simulated in the virtual articulator. This allows any interfering areas of the teeth in protrusion, laterotrusion and retrusion to be visualised. The dynamic occlusion can be set by moving the teeth directly in the software.

To meet the aesthetic requirements when setting up the teeth, the set-up can be customised individually or with the aid of the chain tool. If the position of a tooth is changed when working with the chain tool, the adjacent tooth follows automatically whereby the proximal contacts always remain intact. Posterior teeth can be moved in blocks of eight while maintaining the contact relationships and in accordance with the tooth manufacturer’s guidelines. This allows the set-up to be adjusted individually, as far as permitted by the limits calculated in the model analysis.

Ceramill D-Flow incorporates the function of automatically creating denture bases and gingiva, which produces an optimum initial basis for quick and easy, yet customised design of denture bases and gingiva. For example, gingival characteristics such as alveoli profiles or papillae contours can be generated and the minimum thickness of the denture base guaranteed using different modelling and setting options.

The denture teeth are automatically adapted basally with a defined gap to the alveolar ridge. Interfering areas are removed later using the Ceramill Motion 2 (5X), eliminating the need for manual basal reworking of the teeth. Further, in future it will be possible to insert rotational security basally into the teeth.