ceramill® mind

The intelligent design software – developed according to dental technology logic

The Ceramill Mind design software, developed by Amann Girrbach in close collaboration with dental technicians, meets all requirements. Perfectly coordinated to the Ceramill Map scanner Ceramill Mind has been seamlessly integrated in the system architecture of the Ceramill system and is characterised by easy handling, process reliability and precision. The user guidance of the CAD programme, orientated to the standard laboratory workflow, greatly simplifies the framework fabrication process and covers an extensive range of indications from crown and bridge to complex implant restorations or full-denture prosthetics. Features and areas of application are progressively refined, allowing the Ceramill Mind to be upgraded by a large number of software modules.

  • Automatic user guidance for maximum process safety and easy operation
  • Considerable time savings through intuitive workflow following dental logic
  • Perfect matching of scanning and CAM processes guarantees uninterrupted work
  • Future-safe due to continuous expansion of upgrade modules
  • Reads and sends STL-files to provide a high level of flexibility
  • Fully anatomical and anatomically reduced crowns and bridges
  • Inlays/Onlays
  • Veneers
  • Reducing wax-ups Press-over
  • Telescopes Individual abutments (Upgrade Ceramill M-Plant module)
  • Multi-unit, screw-retained bridges (Upgrade Ceramill M-Plant module)
  • Attachment Bars (Upgrade Ceramill M-Bars module)
  • Splints (Upgrade Ceramill M-Splint module)
  • Provisional shell restorations (Upgrade Ceramill Microshell module)