DK50 2X4VR/110/M

for centralized system

Oil-less compressor EKOM of the line DK50 2x4VR/110/M is the source of clean, pressed, oil-free air designed for driving of dental equipments and devices. With regard to its parameters and capacity of the air tank of 110 litres it is suitable for supplying of devices in dental laboratories or a few dental units. Air produced by oil-free compressor provides a higher degree of hygiene and quality of work of the dentist and does not pollute the working environment by heterogeneous substances.

  • DK50 2x4VR/110/M – without soundproofing box with membrane dryer (MD) or adsorption dryer (NPSL)
  • DK50 2x4VR/110S/M – with soundproofing box with membrane dryer (MD) or adsorption dryer (NPSL)



Technical specification DK50 2x4VR/110/M DK50 2x4VR/110S/M
Number of dental units 6 – 8
Nominal voltage 3x400V/ 50 Hz
Output of the motor 2×2,2 kW
Compressor efficiency 515 l.min– 1/ 5 bar (MD dryer)
480 l.min– 1/ 5 bar (NPSL dryer)
Working pressure of compressor*1 6 – 8 bar
Air tank capacity 110 lit.
Mode of operation S1-100%
Degree of air drying atmospheric dew point -20oC (MD dryer)
atmospheric dew point -35oC (NPSL dryer)
Noise level ≤ 58 dB [A]
Weight*2 158kg (MD dryer) 240kg (MD dryer)
172kg (NPSL dryer) 252kg (NPSL dryer)
Dimensions (w x d x h)*2 1210x670x830mm (MD dryer) 1260x795x1025mm (MD dryer)
210x770x1240mm (NPSL dryer) 1550x795x1240mm (NPSL dryer)

*1Other working pressures on demand.
*2Data on weight and dimension are for informational purposes only. They depend on particular version of the product.