DK50 B

for one dental unit

Oil-less compressor EKOM of the line DK50 is the source of clean, pressed, oil-free air designed for driving of dental equipment and devices. With regard to its parameters and capacity of the air tank of 4 litres is suitable for supplying of one dental unit or devices in dental laboratories. Air produced by oil-free compressor provides a higher degree of hygiene and quality of work of the dentist and does not pollute the working environment by heterogeneous substances.

Compressors are produced in following variants:

  • DK50 B – without box
  • DK50 BS – with soundproofing box



Technical specification DK50 B DK50 BS
Number of dental units 1 1
Nominal voltage 230V/ 50Hz 230V/ 50Hz
230V/ 60 Hz 230V/ 60 Hz
Output of the motor 0,55 kW 0,55 kW
Compressor efficiency 50 l.min– 1/ 10bar 50 l.min– 1/ 10bar
Working pressure of compressor 9,5 – 11,5bar 9,5 – 11,5bar
Air tank capacity 4 lit. 4 lit.
Mode of operation S3-50% S3-50%
Noise level ≤ 65 dB [A] ≤ 45 dB [A]
Weight* 35 kg 47 kg
Dimensions (w x d x h)* 290x430x490 mm 380x525x575 mm

*Data on weight and dimension are for informational purposes only. They depend on particular version of the product.