TruePrep – Natural shade

  • Accurate shade emulation of the prepared tooth structure
  • Keyed to the IPS e.max® Natural Die Material Shade Guide®
  • Fast 15-second drying time.

SuperPeg II – ultimate Ceramic Firing Paste Peg Putty

Item No. / Artikel-Nr.: 8505 / 8510

  • Conveniently stabilizes ceramic restorations on firing pegs.
  • Zero clean-up is required – just a blast of compressed air is enough.
  • Eliminates divesting by way of scraping out and sand blasting.
  • No drying time is required.

FixGel – Temporary Holding Gel for Ceramics, Zirconia und PFM

Item No. / Artikel-Nr.: 200-0000

  • Firmly holds veneers, copings and crowns on the die
  • 100% organic – burns residue free
  • Slight white color allows visual control
  • No drying time

Debubblizer – bubble free models and casts

Item No. / Artikel-Nr.: 7061

  • Reduces surface tension on wax and impressions
  • Works on Polyether (i.e. Impregum™) and Alginate
  • Fine mist doesn‘t require drying time
  • Allows gypsum and investment to flow smoothly into all areas
  • Non-contaminating and alchohol free

Model Sep

Item No. / Artikel-Nr.: 7066

  • Offers clean separation
  • Leaves no film
  • Dries on contact – no drying time required
  • Works on all stones incl. resin enhanced stones

Model Sep

Item No. / Artikel-Nr.: 2025

  • Reliably glues stone, metal, resin and ceramics
  • Precise application for minimal waste
  • Non-clogging application tip
  • Extended shelf life


Item No. / Artikel-Nr.: 7176

  • Protects margins from chipping and abrasion
  • 0 μm ensures zero layer build-up
  • Fast 15-second drying time

Surefit Set

Item No. / Artikel-Nr.: 7163

  • Excellent flow properties for precise application
  • Creates a hard, dense surface
  • Fast 15-second drying time
  • Available in 8 colors

Contour Check

Item No. / Artikel-Nr.: 7700

  • Clean application
  • Super-thin coating of 3-4 μm
  • Easy clean off with steamer
  • Fast 5 seconds-drying time

The universal mixing system for all types of ceramic

– Extremely firm ceramic mixes and lowest possible shrinkage.

– For all HF and LF ceramics. Glycol free – no color influence.

– Time saving – no in between drying necessary.

– Range the viscosity of the ceramic by mixing Fluid + Add.

– Easy to layer with different consistencies.

– Structures are obtained when „over-layering“.

– Create structures and texture even before baking.

– No Limits – Now YOU decide what is possible!

CeraFirm Fluid, 250 ml

Art.-No. 201-0000

CeraFirm Add, 2 x 3,5 ml

Art.-No. 201-2000

Save money with the kit!


CeraFirm Kit

250 ml Fluid + 1 x 3,5 ml  Add

Art.-No. 201-2000