ceramill® m-center

The manufacturing centre for all indications and materials: Versatile, reliable and fast

The prosthetic restoration still bears the individual technician’s signature – the milling center will only produce a piece of work which has been previously approved by him.

A procedure using state-ofthe-art technology and specially trained processing engineers, including dental technical quality control, which takes place before the finished framework is dispatched.

Login details for the Ceramill M-Center are available in the Amann Girrbach customer portal – Ceramill Customer Center (C3). Simply register for C3 and request the login details by clicking on a button within the “Customer account”. To upload construction data to the Ceramill M-Center, please use the CAD software Ceramill Mind or the Ceramill Upload-Tool.

Ceramill M-Center for 3shape and Dental Wings users
Please contact our Ceramill Helpdesk to test if your STL data are compatible.

  • Wide range of materials, cover virtually the entire range of framework fabrication
  • Diverse indications (including crowns, bridges, telescope crowns, inlays/onlays, veneers, overpress crown, multi-unit, screw-retained restorations)
  • Quick processing times – good planning safety
  • State-of-the-art production techniques produce optimal and precise frameworks