At MPF Brush, our primary goal is to continue to improve our customer’s performance by offering a unique range of laboratory hand tools, brushes, palettes, accessories and rotary instruments at a reasonable price, without compromising on quality.

Brushes & Brush Kits

It’s balanced, lightweight, aluminum structure and ergonomic design make this brush handle by far the greatest design ever to be released onto the dental ceramic market, hence the name “Optimum”.
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Palettes are tools utilised by the dental ceramist every day, and are a necessary accessory in the ceramic laboratory.
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Tools & Accessories

Although the manufacturing process of dental ceramics has remained relatively unchanged throughout the years, the tools technicians use to create ceramic restorations are continuously evolving.
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Rotary Instruments

The dental ceramic industry’s steady trend toward Cad-Cam Technology, utilising materials such as alumina and zirconia, has led us to follow suit and produce rotary instruments accordingly.
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