MPF CAD Artistry Palette

Moisture and consistency control for ceramic
material. Dual working platforms. CAD-CAM

Item No. 115-7000
CAD Artistry Palette
Includes sponge, absorbent nylon mixing sheet and synthetic absorbent strips.

The CAD Artistry Palette was designed with two different options of humidification to keep the proper moisture and proper consistency of ceramic material. The two platforms on the ceramic tray allow you to choose between humidification with water or with liquid.
Choose between working on a nylon sheet or using the synthetic strips. Eleven stain compartments act as storage for your favourite stains and colours.
This palette is the perfect solution for ceramists working with CEREC/IN-LAB and CAD-CAM technology.

Item No. 115-8000
CAD Artistry Palette

Complete palette, including Classic Kolinsky Brush Size 4, Classic Stain Brush and Classic Glaze Brush.