MPF Comp Tray

Smart storage solution for composite tools.
Non-stick silicon stain palette. Interchangeable
inserts. Cleaning sponge.

Item No. 115-9000

MPF Comp Tray

Includes two silicon stain palettes and two synthetic sponges.

The MPF Comp Tray is made from a machined piece of polyurethane, milled with a textured pattern on it’s surface allowing for adhesion of composite materials. It features a non-stick silicon stain palette and sponge to keep tools clean while you work. Inserts can be placed on either side to accommodate left and right handed technicians.

Item No. 115-9001 Silicon Stain Palette Replacement
Item No. 115-9002 Synthetic Sponge Replacement

Item No. 115-9003 Polyurethane Replacement Sheet