The ultimate rotary tool for
the pearliest whites.

The ultimate abrasive stones able to tackle
all ceramic, zirconia and lithium di silicate
materials at phenomenal speed.

Item No. 140-0001
White Pearl Large Disc, 22 x 4.5mm

Item No. 120-0005
White Pearl Small Barrel, 4.8 x 13mm

Item No. 140-0002
White Pearl Small Disc, 15 x 3.5mm

Item No. 140-0006
White Pearl Large Barrel, 6.5 x 13mm

Item No. 140-0003
White Pearl Disc, 22 x 2mm

Item No. 140-0007
White Pearl Cone, 3.5 x 11mm

Item No. 140-0004
White Pearl Thin Disc, 22 x 0.7mm

Item No. 120-0008
White Pearl Inverted Cone, 12 x 6mm

Item No. 120-0009
White Pearl Inverted Sml Cone, 6 x 8mm