ceramill® transferkit

1:1 Transfer of patient data into the Ceramill Map400

To make use of the functionality of the virtual articulator, it is essential to transfer the model situation from the “actual articulator” 1:1 to the scanner. The Ceramill System provides for this with the Ceramill Fixator – a combination of transfer jig and model holder, based on the Splitex®, used for holding the model in the scanner. The Ceramill Fixator enables the model to be transferred to the scanner while retaining the axis relationship of the “real articulator”.

The Ceramill Fixator is specially calibrated for the Ceramill Map400 Scanner with Splitex® holder to ensure maximum precision when digitalising the model situation.

  • Transferring the articulated situation in Ceramill Fixator without loss of precision
  • Maximum precision due to patient analogues working
  • Scanning in Splitex precision with exact patient data